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Snow in June?

  • magdalena
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1 Jahr 1 Monat her #11205 von magdalena

Sorry for the very late reply. The forum is constantly attacked by Russian hackers and spammers and your post was "hidden" among very many fake posts.
It is maybe too late now, as you are probably in the Lofoten already. But the answer is:
Yes, there can be snow on the peaks you have listed. It shouldn't be a problem, except for Hermandalstinden. If there is snow, you shouldn't hike this one, as it can be really dangerous.
Hope you enjoy your stay in the Lofotens :)


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1 Jahr 8 Monate her #9522 von Leonhard
Snow in June? wurde erstellt von Leonhard

is it possible to ascend the peaks along the long crossing in mid June or is there a chance of snow blocking the way?

Planning on ascending Helvetestinden, Hermannadaltinden, Munken, etc...

Thanks in advance,

PS.: Sorry for double posting but my previous posting is not getting displayed.

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