Forsfjord to Vindstad

Difficulty 3
2 to 3 hrs
3.3 km
130 m
37 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until April
Type of hike :
Trail visibility :
Mauvaise, Inexistante
Departure/Arrival :
Hamlet of Vinstad/Power station of Forsfjord
GPS point(s) :
Start : Mini power station (N67 56.377 E12 58.934) Finish : Vinstad hamlet (N67 57.508 E13 00.216) Source : N67 56.487 E12 58.567 Natural shelter : N67 56.501 E12 58.564 Tricky passages : N67 56.889 E12 58.860 N67 56.959 E12 58.966


There’s a little trail that takes you from the electric power station of Forsfjord to the hamlet of Vindstad. This itinerary lets you avoid the very undependable ferry service that connected the two points (only on demand) until last year.

The trail is barely visible but won’t give you any major problems. It goes through two passages of big stone blocks and passes over a few rocky slabs where you’ll have to be careful, especially if you’re carrying a heavy pack. Finally, like many places in the Lofotens, the ground is partially covered by thick vegetation (ferns).


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