Hiking to Fløya

Difficulty 4
3 to 5 hrs
4 km
620 m
583 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
Until end of May at the top
Type of hike :
Go back, Loop
Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
Park by the churchyard
GPS point(s) :
Start: N68 14 40.7 E14 34 41.2 Summit: N68 14 54.1 E14 36 04.1


Pictures and track proposed by Halfdan Holm

This short, but somewhat intense hike takes you from Svolvær and straight up to an altitude of almost 600 m in about two hours. On the trip you get a great view of the famous Svolværgeita, a stop by the picture-worthy Djevelporten and then a fabulous view of East Lofoten from the top of Fløya. Though be advised: the very final part up to Fløya is only for experienced hikers, however the view a couple of meters further down is just as spectacular!

The first leg follows a clear path up a very steep hill. The walk is fun and a bit challenging, extra caution is required in wet weather. The path then flattens out and suddenly the challenge is mud rather than the steep climb. After passing Djevelporten the path follows the ridge towards the top of Fløya. At some points the path is somewhat unnecessarily close to the cliff, so walking a meter or two parallel to the path can be recommended here and there.

If you'd prefer not to climb up to the very top of Fløya, there's a path going southwest directly to a lower viewpoint, about 40 meters below the peak. If you decide to go all the way to the top you will be forced to climb using our hands in close proximity to the cliff. Climbing down the western ridge from Fløya is also a challenge, so going down to the other viewpoint via the northern ridge may be recommended.


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