Hiking to Nordlandsnupen

Difficulty 1
2 to 3 hrs
4.1 km
490 m
457 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until April at the summit
Type of hike :
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Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
Leaving from the village of Værøy, take Route 791 toward the hamlet of Norland. Park, without blocking traffic, near the houses in the curve in the road at the far end of Breivika Bay. In the middle of the curve, a little sign indicates the start of the hike (same starting point as the Gjerdheia hike).
GPS point(s) :
Start: N67° 40.741' E12° 41.842' Pass: N67° 41.083' E12° 41.147' Summit of Breiviknupen: N67° 41.220' E12° 41.954' Summit of Nordlandsnupen: N67° 41.266' E12° 42.122'


Not only is the summit of Nordlandsnupen the highest point on Værøy Island, but we think it’s the most beautiful. This relatively easy hike will quickly take you to an altitude high enough to give you magnificent views over the island of Mosken as well as over the whole southern tip of Moskenesøya Island. If you only have one day on Værøy and the sky is clear, go for it!


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