Dim 28 Mai, 2023, 2:37 pm
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We're experienced hikers who are planning a several day hiking tour on Moskenesøya, now in July. We have several questions along the tour as explained below. Our planned tour is the following:

Day 1) Yttersand - Småtindan - Middagstinden - Ryten - Forsvatnet - Kvalvika (Nordvika). See pictures Day 1. Question: Is the route in picture Day 1 detail possible to do along the ridge?

Day 2) Kvalvika - Øvre Marka - Marka - Selfjord - Fageråvatnet - Fagerådalen - Around the top of Markan - Horseid. See Pictures Day 2. Question: Is it possible to cut short over the pass between Litljordtinden and Kitinden? (Day 2 detail 1) And is it possible to go up Fagerådalen and around Markan as planned? (Day 2 detail 2)

Day 3) Horseid - Horseidvatnet - Kjerkfjorden - Brunakseltinden - Brunaksla - Vindstad - Kringeldalsvatn. See pictures Day 2. Questions: Is it possible to use the pass over Brunakseltinden? (Day 3 detail) Our option is to take a ferry from Kjerkfjorden to Vindstad, but we'd rather hike if possible. Question 2: Is it possible to climb from Forsfjorden up to Kringeldalsvatn? (Day 3 detail 2)

Day 4) Kringeldalsvatn - Litlforsvatnet - Lamheia (Between Litlforsvatnet and Krokvatnet) - Hermannsdalstinden - normal route via Munkebu down to Sørvågen. See pictures Day 4. Questoin: Is it possible to climb from Litlforsvatnet to Lamheia as planned? (Day 4 Detail 1)

Additional questions:

1) The ferry from Kjerkefjord to Vindstad seems to go the "wrong way" via Reine theese weeks in July, is there some other option to go from Kjerkefjord to Vindstad, liek local people who could take you there?

2) Is there any special sights or mountaintops we shouldn't miss along the route? Something we should add?

Thank you on beforehand! Svenska går också bra!

// Stefan Forsbäck

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Lun 11 Jul, 2016, 2:03 pm

Hi Stefan!

Did you get any feedback? I'd appreciate any info too.

We are also a couple of experienced mountain hikers, looking for a good 3-4 day hike for our 1st time in Lofoten in August. We saw a "5-day" route on 68north, from same area (Fredvang Bridge to Munkebu hut). Looking at length of days, seems possible to do it in 3 enjoyable days... Your route is more detailed and looks better, if it's possible.

Please let me know if you get info/how your experience was! (We will go 15-19 August). Wishing you enjoyable & safe hiking!

Cheers, Ian

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Sam 16 Jul, 2016, 3:02 pm


did either of you do this hike in the end? I'm looking for a 4 day hike in Lofoten (also late August) and had roughly this in mind. Really interested in any thoughts or comments you have.


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Ven 21 Avr, 2017, 1:19 pm


Some stages of the itinerary describe by Stefan above are DANGEROUS and I will not advise you to test them. But you can now find on this site (in french and english) the description, maps and GPX tracks for a 4 days trek in the same area (Moskenesoya - south of the Lofoten). This Trek is starting from Sørvågen and finishing in the village of Reine.

You can find the .

Have a nice trip in the Lofoten :)

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Ven 3 Mai, 2013, 5:06 am

HI! In the end, we did a superb 3-day hike in mid-August. The route I asked about (never any reply, I guess they are still lost out there!) does indeed contain silly dangerous stretches. Luckily we got the ferry connections ok, but a few stretches as proposed on that guy''s maps would have been seriously life-endangering! Best advice - the landscape is wild and very, very rugged, so keep to the walking paths marked on the maps. Even the paths are sometimes a real challenge, a world away from hiking normal trails in Spain, France or the UK. We hitchhiked (easy) to near Fredvang bridge get close to the trail, then walked over to Kvalvika beach. Beautiful camping and a great hike from there up to Ryten, amazing views.

Next day we took the trail to Horseid beach. The trail is clearly marked but there are lots of marshes, huge boulders, etc on the way, and it is slow going. It took us around 14 hours including the mini hike up Ryten without heavy backpacks.

After that, from Horseid beach to Kjerkford ferry is nice and simple, just 5km or so but a great little walk. Going from Kjerkford towards Vindstadt along the coast or over the mountains is not a safe option, not without ropes at least. There's a reason that the maps have no trail marked there. But the ferry will stop in Vindstad if you want, and you can continue your route on marked (but very steep at times) trails from there. We decided that 3 days were enough fun with the heavy backpacks, especially after the testing stretch to Horseid, but the ferry picked up hikers in Vindstad and even picked up/dropped off in the bay below (route over to Hermannsdalstinden). That would've been our plan but we were happy and tired, so we stayed on the ferry back to Reine and did a nice half-day hike without backpacks instead (from Sorvagen, awesome luxury hostel, to Tindstinden, and back). Enjoy!

Ian PS I can send you GPX tracks if you like, just send me a pm.

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Sam 16 Jul, 2016, 3:02 pm
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