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An exceptionally mild winter

Vestvagoya 1


The people of the Lofoten Islands say there has not been such a mild winter for 100 years!

As far as we are concerned we prefer to wait for the statistics to be published by the authoritative “National Meteorological Institute” before we express an opinion, but the following facts cannot, however, be ignored:

- Temperatures of +5 to +6°C in February

- Still no snow, or very little on the peaks

- A spring-like feel to the air (buds, catkins, birds building their nests, etc.)

We have put our snow shoes away and taken out our hiking shoes to explore the Lofoten Islands in temperatures and countryside similar to those of the month of May! Using small crampons to help us climb the mountain tops, we are making the most of the unusually mild temperatures to do in winter what we usually do throughout the summer: explore, draw up and publish new hiking routes on Rando-Lofoten. 


Here are a few photos to give you an idea of winter in the Lofoten Islands and some of our new hikes…