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How to travel in the Lofoten Islands without breaking the bank

Looking at the prices given in the previous section you may well ask yourself whether it’s at all possible, but provided you follow certain guidelines it’s perfectly feasible.

1) Travel in a group if possible and you will therefore share the travel expenses once you get there. Even though this rule may apply to most destinations, it applies particularly to the Lofoten Islands for the following reasons: the type of accommodation, which consists of cabins for a minimum of two people for which you will be charged the same price if you were on your own. The local transport, which is relatively expensive, not very frequent and not always very practical, will probably encourage you to hire a vehicle which will work out cheaper if there are four of you. Lastly, if you choose a type of accommodation that enables you to do your own cooking you will make considerable savings on the cost of food.
> If you are looking for cheap accommodation in the south of the Lofoten Islands we recommend "Sorvagen sjohus og rorbuer".

Travel out of season (before 15 May and after 15 August) and you will get better prices for tourist accommodation. This is not the case, however, in many places and you will have to ask at your accommodation (if possible before you leave). Even though it is unusual to negotiate prices in Norway, the worst that can happen is that you are told “No”. The price of accommodation may, however, be up to 30% cheaper out of season.

Go on an organised tour. Provided you are have nothing against this type of travel, Norway is one of the few countries where going on an organised tour (through a specialist hiking agency) is usually cheaper, offering identical services, than travelling alone.

Become hunter-gatherers. If you can stand the changeable climate and are properly equipped (see “equipment” section), bear in mind that in the Lofoten Islands, like elsewhere in Norway, wild camping is permitted (see “wild camping” section).

Furthermore, you will not have any problem finding drinking water which is widely available provided you make the effort. Line fishing is possible everywhere, in the sea from the shore. It is free of charge on condition you respect allowed fish size. You can fish in rivers and lakes if you buy a card or licence (find out about buying a local fishing licence in shops or the nearest petrol station). In August and September you can also pick many, often delicious, edible berries such as blueberries, cranberries and Arctic berries. A lot of edible ceps, porcini and other field mushrooms which, strangely enough, nobody picks, also grow in the same season. A small camping stove, a bowl and pasta to go with your mushrooms and you are off… Robinson Crusoe on the islands!

Buy your plane tickets well in advance. See the airlines and prices >in the section on “How to get to the Lofoten Islands.