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Accommodation in the Lofoten Islands

Rorbus are charming fisherman’s huts, often on stilts, but the level of comfort is quite basic. Despite being built on the coast they are the equivalent of our mountain refuges. They are generally equipped with a kitchenette and a communal area and all have toilets, hot showers and electricity to compensate for the climate which can sometimes be harsh at these latitudes. The bedrooms sleep 2 to 8 people, more often than not in bunk beds. In certain places the beds are on small high platforms directly under the roof. Even though the  accommodation may be a little basic, it is more than made up for by the beautiful landscapes and the fact that you will spend most of your time hiking in the countryside...

Exploranor base camp in the Lofoten Island (Sorvagen)

People on a tight budget should know that Norwegian law allows “wild camping” everywhere (certain restrictions apply in national parks). If you decide this is for you, you should try to keep a reasonable distance away from houses. Don’t pitch your tent on farming land that is clearly being worked and has been fenced in; such land is rare and pitching your tent on it could be taken as provocation. If you do want to camp less than 500 metres from a farm or isolated dwellings, use your best English to go and check that nobody minds.
Lastly, try to remember that although Norwegians are not sticklers about private property, they are when it comes to ecology and tidiness. So leave your campsite clean and tidy when you leave!