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I discovered Norway when I was about ten years old. When I was young each main school holiday was the occasion for my family to roam Europe in a Volkswagen Camper, stopping anywhere that took our fancy in interesting places that we often discovered on foot. When I arrived in Norway, even though it was not my first trip abroad I still remember the impression it made on me!

The dramatic beauty of the landscapes, the power of the elements and the freshness and purity of the air combined to produce an unreal atmosphere which I had thought belonged only to the world of dreams or the imagination…

30 years after my first encounter, having spent years exploring the tracks, mountains and valleys for my own enjoyment, I still find Norway just as fascinating!
Becoming a mountain guide has enabled me to make a living out of my love of Norway. For nearly ten years I have divided my time between France and Norway where I spend six months of the year guiding groups of hikers for the major French hiking agencies and, for some time now, for my own travel agency,

The purpose of is to provide concrete, up-to-date information on the Lofoten islands to help your prepare your trip properly. Seasoned, experienced hikers who prefer to organise their own trip will find hiking suggestions, on this site as well as part of the document database on the Lofoten islands that I have built up in recent years.

The Forum will also enable you to participate directly by sharing your own experiences or asking questions.

David Souyris