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Kayaking in the Lofoten Islands


Hiking is not the only possible outdoor activity  in the Lofoten. In recent years sea kayaking has attracted a growing number of tourists and locals. The archipelago and its east coast is a paradise for all experienced kayakers and more broadly for all lovers of marine life, marine landscapes ... and tranquility.

group of tourists on a kayak trip with exploranor


Unfortunately the Norwegian outdoor agencies practice quite prohibitive prices and a guided day-trip within a group (5-7h) by one of these agencies can easily reach 2000NOK / person (or 950NOK / half-day). And this is without meals or services other than the equipment and guiding. For a one-time experience it is pretty expensive for most of us, and if you entend to do several kayak excursion during your stay in the Lofoten, you will probably have to break the bank.

A more economical solution, and provided you have a good experience in sea kayaking, is to rent one on site *. The ideal, if you have the opportunity, being of course to bring your own kayak on the top of your car!

Be careful though to the different marine currents (including the Maelstrom) and the tidal effects that combined can be very dangerous, not to mention bad weather. Always learn about the upcoming marine weather (check it hour by hour) and do not venture on the west coast of the archipelago unless you have very favorable weather conditions and a great experience in autonomous sea kayaking. Finally, do not leave alone and always seek advice from locals who are usually very familiar with the currents and dangers at sea near their homes.

If you are not an expert in sea kayaking and group life does not deter you, we strongly advise you to opt for a guided tour.
Through our partner's travel agency EXPLORANOR, we can offer one week long all-inclusive trip in Lofoten at a very reasonable price.

group of tourists on a kayak trip with exploranor

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* NB: The Norwegians are rather strict regarding safety rules, so if you want to venture alone on the fjord and rent a kayak on site, you will always be asked for a certificate proving that you have already had a first experience in sea kayaking.