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Here you'll find some useful information for when you are planning a winter trip to the Lofoten Islands.


To know what the actual snow coverage will be

1) Take a look at the different webcams (on Hiking-Lofoten's home page, at the bottom of the left column)

2) Look at the weather forecast on (10 days weather forecast)

3) Check the daily updated snow-coverage table on  (for the Lofoten Islands check the line : Norland/Flakstad/Skjelfjord, 13moh - at the lower part of the list)

To know what the actual avalanche risk

There are two different tools giving avalanche forecasts online:

1) The avalanche risk scale (

2) The Lofoten and Vestralen avalanche risk scale forecast (


Notice : These different tools that will help you to keep safe, won't make you invincible! You must stay extremely cautious regarding avalanches: due to the extreme relief and the frequent changes in temperatures during winter, they can happen nearly everywhere and at anytime in the Lofoten Islands. Snow avalanches are often accompanied by rockslides.

Emergency numbers

113 Medical care
112 Police

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