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Hiking to Baken

Difficulty 4
3 to 5 hrs
10.6 km
780 m
678 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
Until May in the upper part of the walk and on the summit
Type of hike :
Go back, Loop
Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
Next to the small power station of Kvitforsen, along Route 888 connecting Vestpollen to Strumnes, 1.5 km (0.9 mi.) after the Jordneset crossroads, you'll find a place to park in the left bend of the road facing the electric power plant. Be careful not to obstruct traffic or the access to the power plant.
GPS point(s) :
Starting point (parking lot): N68° 19.601' E14° 39.070' Summit: N68° 20.368' E14° 37.547' Stone hut: N68° 20.772' E14° 39.032'


This hike is a real adventure that has lots of surprises for you! After a grueling start through rich vegetation on extremely steep slopes, you reach a peaceful valley with a succession of lakes and pastures, where half-wild sheep graze in season. The fine path you’ll find in the upper part of the valley was once used to construct a series of little dams and underground catchment areas that feed the electric power plant down below. Finally, despite the name Baken (which usually means a rounded hill in Norwegian), the summit is a real peak that gives you a striking view over this little-known part of the Lofotens.


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