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Hiking to Måstad

Difficulty 3
5 to 7 hrs
12.5 km
450 m
75 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until March
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Bonne, Moyenne
Departure/Arrival :
From the port of Værøy, take the 'Nordland' direction. Once you're at the hamlet, keep on Route 791 and then on the dirt track that prolongs the road to the end. Park near the toilets. The trail starts just behind the beach of Heimretussen.
GPS point(s) :
Starting point: N67 41.040 E12 39.423 Måstad hamlet: N67 38.564 E12 35.645 Water supply point in Måstad: N67 38.479 E12 35.849 Summit of Måhornet: N67 38.106 E12 35.301 Summit of Måstadheia : N67 38.803 E12 34.772


This long hike lets you get to the old village of Måstad in southeastern Værøy by traversing a large part of the island. It’s also the only way to get to the summits of Måhornet and Måstadheia, with their fantastic viewpoints over the open sea and their unique end-of-the-world atmosphere. The whole Måstad peninsula is classed as a natural park. 


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