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Hiking to Sautinden

Difficulty 2
2 to 3 hrs
7.6 km
678 m
600 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
Until May at the summit
Type of hike :
Go back, Loop, Crossing
Trail visibility :
Bonne, Moyenne
Departure/Arrival :
When you enter the village of Laupstad (coming from Svolvær), take the first road to your right, just after the big bend in the road (where you'll find a parking lot). Take the street for a hundred yards or so, then take a right into a dirt road that you'll follow to the end.
GPS point(s) :
Starting point (parking lot): N68° 21.322' E14° 42.055' Trail start: N68° 21.744' E14° 42.946' Point where the trail heads toward the south ridge: N68° 21.977' E14° 42.455' Summit: N68° 22.212' E14° 43.706'


The summit of Sautinden—literally the “sheep summit”—actually has pastures that sheep love. It is very easy to reach. Sautinden is at the northern limit of the Lofoten Archipelago and gives you a magnificent panorama over the Austnes fjord as well as the two highest peaks of the Lofotens. Finally, the trail leading to the top can take you to other summits like Kvittinden and Kåpa, but also to the hamlet of Morfjorden on the north coast of the islands.


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