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Hiking to Sørlandshagen

Difficulty 2
2 to 3 hrs
1.3 km
50 m
23 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until March
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
From the port of Værøy, take the 'Nordland' direction. Once you're at the hamlet, keep on Route 791 and then on the dirt track that prolongs the road to the end. Park near the toilets. The trail starts just behind the beach of Heimretussen.
GPS point(s) :
Starting point: N67° 40.205' E12° 39.181', parking lot North side of the beach (Hagmolla): N67° 40.018' E12° 39.496' South side of the beach (Hagesletta): N67° 39.743' E12° 38.973' Cape of Nupsneset: N67° 39.058' E12° 39.138'


This big bay, which stretches out on a north-south axis, has a vast stony beach right under impressive granite cliffs. Between the beach and the cliffs there is extended an area of dunes, covered by a meadow with very low vegetation. Traces of human inhabitants from the stone age to the Middle Ages have been found on the southern part of the beach (Hagsletta). More recently the area around the bay was used as a sheep pasture until the 1960’s. The spot is both wild and easy to get to.


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