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Hiking to Svartvatnet

Difficulté 2
2 to 3 hrs
4.2 km
265 m
191 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until May
Type de rando :
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Visibilité du sentier :
Bonne, Moyenne
Départ/Arrivée :
To the right of the E10, about 500 m (550 yd) before the entrance to the Fjøsdalen tunnel, coming from Mølnarodden (north) you'll see an unpaved road going up to a platform built on the embankment around the tunnel (Fjøsdalen miljøstasjon). The trail starts to the right of this dirt road about 60 m after its junction with the main road
Point(s) GPS :
Starting point (parking lot): N67 59.604 E13 10.002 Pass : N67 59.700 E13 09.104 Lake spillway : N67 59.327 E13 08.338


This short, easy hike takes you over a little trail to one of the hidden jewels of Moskenes Island: Svartvatnet Lake.

This beautiful dark lake overlooks the natural reservoir of Solbjørnvatnet, nestled in its green setting. The sharp peaks that surround it give this site a majestic look.
You can rapidly—and almost effortlessly—reach these impressive landscapes where nature is still intact, in the heart of Moskenes Island.

To the right of the dirt road, you’ll find a little trail (hardly visible at first) that rises toward the pass between the summits of Fjøsdalstinden and Okstinden. The trail starts to the right of the little valley and then goes into its center and crosses the stream. The trail continues on the left of the stream before reaching the pass.

A beautiful panorama is awaiting you at the pass, with the Vestfjord to the east and the big lake of Solbjørnvaten to the west.
Next, follow the trail the left-hand trail. It goes over a wide natural balcony around 180 high (590 ft) and then reaches Svartvatnet Lake, curled inside a mountain cirque. On the way, the trail passes near small bodies of water bordered with droseras (carnivorous plants).

When you reach the lakeshore, keep going for a bit on the trail along the right bank of the lake until you reach its outlet (N67° 59.327’ E13° 08.338’).

The outlet takes the form of a pretty mountain stream. The amount of water in it varies according to the season.
The edge of the lake is an invitation to relax, for the place is so calm and wild. The dark waters of the lake are surrounded by a delicate crown of rich vegetation against a background of sharp, austere mountain peaks that give you the impression of a landscape straight out of a fairy tale.

Possible alternative

From the pass, it is possible to reach the summit of Okstinden (263 m / 863 ft). It’s easy to get to this pass and it gives you a fine panorama over the hamlets of Sund and Mølnarodden. Take the trail to your right (toward the north), following the ridge. After the first little nameless summit whose high point is roughly 270 m (886 ft), the trail disappears. Despite the absence of a trail, the way to the Okstinden summit is relatively obvious.


Accessible to dogs, Family friendly, Snowshoe