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Hiking to Varden and Stortinden

Difficulty 4
3 to 5 hrs
14.2 km
1199 m
740 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
until May at the top
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Bonne, Moyenne
Departure/Arrival :
Start from Kabelvåg graveyard
GPS point(s) :
Start : N68° 12.882' E14° 28.904' Pass between twin peaks : N68° 13.941' E14° 23.290' Varden summit : N68° 13.991' E14° 23.275' Stortinden summit : N68° 13.692' E14° 22.735'


Pictures and track proposed by Halfdan Holm

This trip takes you up to Småtinden (The small peaks), giving a view of both KabelvÂg, SvolvÊr and western Lofoten. There are several small peaks that can be climbed on this trip, including Varden, Varden's twin peak, and Stortinden.

IThere are several possible ways you can start this trip, but common for them all is that the ascent starts at the southwestern corner of Stor-Kongsvatnet. You follow the trail up the ridge towards ÿrntindsaksla, which you pass on the north side. Keep to the north and you cross a small river which is also the last chance to fill up your water bottle. This section can be quite muddy and wet.

Now the trail may become somewhat unclear at times, but it should be possible to follow if you stop and look out for it at times. The trail continues up to the pass between the twin peaks, of which Varden is the northernmost one. From this pass one can reach all three of these small peaks. There is no visible trail to Stortinden, but you pass on the western side of Varden's twin and follow a ridge with a somewhat exposed eastern side. There is a path to Varden, and summiting it requires a bit of scrambling. Varden's twin can be reached without much difficulty. Same way back.


Accessible to dogs


Varden-Stortind.gpx :