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Hiking to Narvtinden

Difficulty 4
3 to 5 hrs
7 km
887 m
683 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until June on the summit
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Moyenne, Mauvaise
Departure/Arrival :
Park in the village of Mølnarodden and take the path that leads to the power station tThis road is forbidden to cars)
GPS point(s) :
Start/finish (Mølnarodden parking): N68 00.594 E13 09.968 Trailhead: N68 00.464 E13 09.741 Turn left (Towards the top of the hill) : N68 00.665 E13 09.256 First summit: N68 01.173 E13 07.761 Second summit : N68 01.243 E13 07.415


For a long time looking at this peak from the E10 I imagined that it would be impossible to get to the top hiking without special equipment, but I was wrong since like most mountains in the Lofoten Islands it is possible, even fairly simple, to reach the top on foot…


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