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From Selfjord to Kjerkfjorden

Difficulty 4
5 to 7 hrs
9.2 km
800 m
426 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until June on the summit
Type of hike :
Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
Starting from Reine you have to take the small boat that provides a shuttle service between Reine and the various villages at the end of the fjord. When you arrive in Selfjorden You will need to arrange to be picked up because there are no buses and it's a long way back to Fredvang'
GPS point(s) :
Start Kjerkfjord: N67 59.613 E13 00.844 Horseidvika beach: N68 01.463 E12 59.223 First pass: lN68 00.497 E13 01.419 Second pass: N68 00.719 E13 02.251 Finish in Selfjord: N68 02.172 E13 04.868


Leaving Reine you take the little boat that acts as a shuttle between Reine and the various villages at the end of the fjord. Once the boat drops you off at Kjerkfjord, which is at the end of the fjord but feels like the ends of the earth, you can start one of the wildest hikes in the islands.


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