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Hiking to Tverrfjellet

Difficulty 3
3 to 5 hrs
9.3 km
596 m
496 m
Vest-Lofoten - 1:50 000
Until May at the summit
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Bonne, Inexistante
Departure/Arrival :
From the parking at the end of the gravel road at Selfjord (N68 02.188 E13 04.912)
GPS point(s) :
Start/Finish : N68 02.188 E13 04.912 Summit : N68 01.437 E13 04.276


Route proposed par Halfdan Holm

The start is the same as for the trip "Selfjord-Kjerkfjord", this means; at the end of the gravel road at Selfjord.
The begining is quite wet, but when you start gaining altitude, it gets dryer, though its probably too late. Turn towards the East just before the lake of Fageråvatnet. The path disapeares before you start with the real climbing. When you’re up on the ridge, and start walking towards Tverrfjellet, the magnificent Selfjord begins to show. Same way back.


Accessible to dogs, Snowshoe


Tverrfjellet.gpx :