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Finally a complete paper guidebook!

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Start planning your trip to the Lofotens on the website (select hikes, download GPS tracks ...), and use our paper guidebook on the field!

New edition 2017

- 60 day hikes (including Værøya Island)
- 11-day trek across the archipelago
- 224 pages
- 325 color illustrations
- 89 maps

 The advantages of the guidebook:

- a format that fits in a backpack (14 x 22 cm, weight: 430g approx.)
- the descriptions are even more detailed and accurate than on the site
- easy to know were you are on the field: the hike descriptions are divided into steps (marked: A, B, C, etc.), these steps are also marked on the maps
- the most reliable hiking guidebook on the Lofoten Islands, written by two mountain leaders that have been working and hiking for over 14 years in the archipelago

Order the book on internet ou buy it at a bookstore:

on  logo amazon en (shipping possible to all over Europe (except Germany) and most of the World, fixed price at: 28€)

You can also order the book on: (all over the world), (all over the world), (for The Netherlands and Belgium)

If you are living in the Netherlands or in Belgium, you can also find the book on

If you are living in Germany and want to buy the English version, please contact us directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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