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Renan has shared a video of his trek

Hiking fans and fishing enthusiasts! I wish to share this video with you.

The video summarizes what I would call a Fishing Trek that stretches between step 6 and 10 of the “Great crossing of the Archipelago” proposed on this website. We travelled in late July / early August 2016, and since we had only 10 days of vacation, we privileged the last part of the “Great crossing of the Archipelago” (the most beautiful and the one that seemed most suitable for fishing).
We also decided to cut the stages of the trek in two:
1) to be able to walk more "tranquillo"
2) to bivouac on the water's edge and allow us enough daily fishing time
Between salt and fresh water the spots are plenty and the fish abound!! This trip was magical! : Lol:
Your website is really great and it's thanks to you that we could organize this trip so easily.
Don’t hesitate if you have any questions about the trek, I will be happy to answer.

(text above translated from French by Hiking-Lofoten)