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Hiking to Keiservarden and Snøtinden

Difficulté 3
3 to 5 hrs
9.6 km
864 m
646 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
until may at the top
Type de rando :
Go back
Visibilité du sentier :
Bonne, Moyenne
Départ/Arrivée :
Coming from Digermulen hamlet, follow the road in direction of Valen on 1,8km. Park on the small parking space on your right (sea side). The trail head start on the other side of the road just opposit to the parking place.
Point(s) GPS :
Start/Finish (parking) : N68° 18.253' E15° 00.638'


Pictures and track proposed by Halfdan Holm

The trip up to Keiservarden (The Kaiser Cairn) is quick, but provides a stunning view of Raftsundet and some of the most alpine peaks in Norway. The viewpoint is named after Kaiser Wilhelm II who visited Digermulen, and this peak on several occations. The trip can be doubled in length to Snøtinden (The Snow Peak) providing a panoramic view over all the rugged peaks of eastern Lofoten.

Several maps show a trail going directly from Digermulen to Keiservarden. This route is however significantly exposed to rockfalls. Thus the trip starting about 1.5 km southeast of Digermulen will be described here. You will find the trailhead on the northern side of the road, just opposite a small parking lot. The trail starts out with an easy climb through the forest. After the turn to the left, you will have to pass some stretches of mud where you might get your feet wet. On the last stretch through the forest there are several points on the trail which can require a bit of scrambling. There are however ropes installed to help you keep your balance. At around 300m you break through the tree line. Here the trail can become somewhat faint, but if you follow the top of the ridge, you will soon see the two cairns marking the peak.

The trail up to Snøtinden continues along the ridge and down past a small lake and forest. After a small climb you see two more small lakes to the west, before ascending directly towards the summit. The trail continues around the southeast side of the peak before you reach the top. Same way back.


Accessible to dogs


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