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Hiking to Kvasstinden

Difficulty 3
2 to 3 hrs
7.1 km
735 m
549 m
Vågan - 1:50 000
Until May on the summit
Type of hike :
Go back
Trail visibility :
Departure/Arrival :
If you come from the north (Svolvaer) via the E10, you cross Kleppstad with 4 or 5 scattered houses just before you reach the Gimsoystraumbrua bridge that connects the island of Vestvagoya to that of Gimsoya. On leaving Kleppstad take the small road on the right towards Sydalen and Brenna for 100m and then park on the right of the road in the parking area. Take the trail clearly marked on your right.
GPS point(s) :
Start/Finish: long. E14 16 38.5 lat. N68 15 33.4 Intersection (turn right toKvasstinden) : long. E14 18 30.7 lat. N68 15 55.7 Summit of Kleppstadheia : long. E14 18 41.2 lat. N68 16 05.6 Summit of Kvasstinden : long. E14 19 54.8 lat. N68 15 48.9


This easy hike takes you to two nearby peaks that have very different views over the island of Austvagoya. The north-facing top of Kleppstadheia has a fine view over Gimsoystraumen (the stretch of sea that separates Austvagoya and Gimsoya) and the bay of Sydalspollen. The south-facing top of Kvasstinden, which is slightly higher, overlooks the magnificent narrow fjord of Olderfjorden.

The trail is clearly marked from the start and there is little risk of getting lost. The trail initially goes along the right slope of the mountain before heading north approximately half way up.

Once you have crossed a wooded area you reach open heathland. Head towards the first top of Kleppstadheia. Then to reach the top of Kvasstinden, hike along the ridge southwards and then from the east you cross a pass and climb towards the top of Kvasstinden that offers a superb viewpoint over one of the wildest valleys in the Lofoten Islands. Head back along the same path.


Accessible to dogs


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