All the data presented here is provided by Google Analytics. creation date: 1 May 2013

Statistics covering the period from 01/05/2013 to 12/12/2014

Analysis of hits

With over 43,000 hits and 480,000 pages viewed during the first year of activity (01/01/14 – 31/12/14) has proved a great success, attracting a very large number of visitors to a subject as specific and unusual as hiking in the Lofoten Islands.

A more in-depth analysis shows that the users appear to be satisfied with the content. It has become apparent that the “bounce rate” is extremely low at 2.75% and that the “return rate” to the site is extremely high at 43%! The average session time (over 7 minutes) and the average number of pages viewed at each visit (11.2) show the extent to which visitors are interested by the information on the site.

These very positive results encourage us to continue developing content that is increasingly thorough and FREE on hiking in the Lofoten Islands.



Hits 2013/2014

Sessions: 8575 / 43.470

Users: 5154 / 24.808

Pages viewed: 54.075 / 483.172

Pages viewed at each visit: 6,31 / 11,12
Average duration of sessions: 00 :07 :03 / 00 :06 :50

Bounce rate: 40% / 2,75%
New sessions: 56,79% / 60,10%

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Changes in hits 2013/2014

Sessions: 406,94%

Users: 381,33%

Pages viewed: 793,52%

Pages viewed at each visit: 76,26%

Average duration of sessions: 3,02%

Bounce rate: -93,12%
New sessions: -5,52%

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Demographic data
(2014 only)

Sexe :
Male : 51,62%
Female : 48,38%

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Age :
25-34 : 38,64%
35-44 : 16,14%
55-64 : 15,33%
45-54 : 13,40%
18-24 : 8,92%
65+ : 7,57%

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Geographic origin 
(2014 only)

FR France : 51,54%
NR Norway : 13,60%
CH Switzerland : 4,74%
BE Belgium : 4,42%
NL Netherlands : 3,53%
DE Germany : 3,29%
USA United States : 2,86%
UK United Kingdom : 2,47%
IT Italy : 1,67%
SE Sweden : 1,42%
Other: 10,46%

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Definitions of visit criteria -  (Source: Google Analytics)

Sessions: the total number of sessions over the period. A session is the period during which users are active on a website, its applications, etc. All the user data (screen viewing, events, e-commerce, etc.) is associated with a session.

Users: the number of users who have opened at least one session over the selected period. This statistic includes both new and unknown users.

Pages viewed: the total number of pages viewed. Repeated visits by an internet user are included.

Pages/session: (average number of pages) the average number of pages viewed during a session. Repeated visits by an internet user are included.

Average length of sessions: the average length of a session.

Bounce rate: the bounce rate is the percentage of visits to a single page, i.e. visits during which internet users leave your site as soon as they reach the home page, without interacting with the page.

% new sessions: an estimate of the percentage of initial visits.


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